Dazzle Rats Rattery

Why adopt from a Breeder?...

The choice to adopt from a reputable Fancy Rat Breeder or a Common Pet Store may be very confusing. “Whats the difference?” you be may wondering. There are Pro’s and Con’s with both. The best way to choose where to adopt your new rattie from is research. Be sure to ask questions and then research some more.

The Pet Store

Pet stores are great for purchasing supplies and accessories, but not always are the better place to purchase you new pet rat.

Pet store Pros.

*They are cheaper
*They are more convenient
*They are quick and easy.

Pet Store Cons.

*They sell for profit.
*They sell without interest in the animals breeding or history of the animal.
*They are uneducated in regard to proper diet and housing requirements.
*The rats are housed in glass tanks, with wood shavings which cause Myco flare-ups.
*The rats are mass bred, generally by “Feeder Breeders”, and are intended as “Feeders”.
*The rats are usually skittish, un-socialized and not familiar with human contact.
*The rats are usually forced to wean from their mother and will be sold by a pet store as little as 3 weeks old.
*The rats may be unknowingly ill, carry mites or have sarcoptic mange.


The Reputable Breeder

The knowledge and standard of rats bred by a reputable Fancy Rat Breeder, by far, outweigh that of a pet store.

Breeder Pros.

*They breed purely to better the species, NOT for profit.
*They know the history of each and every rat.
*The babies’ parents have undergone stringent health and temperament evaluations BEFORE being bred.
*Breeding is ethical and a rat, by NO MEANS, is mass bred.
*Babies are introduced to human contact from 24 hours old and are handled daily.
*Support is offered for the LIFETIME of the rat.
*Breeders are experienced and have extensive knowledge about the rat species.
*Properly bred rats live longer and healthier lives.
*The rats are housed correctly, with the correct bedding substrate used and adequate ventilation.
*The correct diet and health advice is available from the Breeder, usually in the form of a ‘starter pack’ when the rat is adopted.
*The Breeder dedicates much time, effort money and love into each and every rat.


Breeder Cons.

*There is usually a waiting list due to ethical breeding standards.
*You may be required to travel further.
*Breeders may also request you sign an adoption agreement to ensure the best interests of the rat are met at all times.
*Breeders charge more, but this money goes straight back into the Rattery for food, housing, medications etc. No profit is made.