Dazzle Rats Rattery

Rat Rescues...

Dazzle Rats Rattery is not taking rescues.
Should the rescue be urgent, I’m willing to assist in finding a new home, although unfortunately, I’m unable to offer my own home at this time.

This however, does NOT apply to rats bred by me. If you have adopted a rat from Dazzle Rats Rattery and are no longer able to care for it, I WILL take it back.  

Should I be unable to assist with non Dazzle Ratties, there are numerous Rat Rescue Services available through other ratteries.
You can find some of these ratteries through my LINKS page.

PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT pay for ANY rescues, including those bred by Dazzle Rats Rattery, nor will any refunds be given. This is standard practice for any rescue required through most ratteries.