Dazzle Rats Rattery

Nutrition and Diet...

Rats, like humans, require a balanced and varied diet and have the same basic guidelines- ALWAYS, SOMETIMES and NEVER.

However, unlike humans, Rats are unable to vomit. Therefore, EVERYTHING must be passed through the digestive tract and if toxic can lead to severe illness and also to the fatality of your beloved ratties.

Rats are also unable to burp! Do not allow your rats soft drinks or carbonated water as the gas will become trapped in the gut resulting in gastric distress.

Rats are also Omnivores- They eat both plant and animal material.


Dazzle Rats are offered primarily a dry mixture consisting of: Rodent Blocks (available at pet stores), rolled oats, ‘Just Right’ breakfast cereal, sunflower seeds, ‘Kellog’s Special K’ and Dr Harry’s (Lovatts) Rat and Mouse Mix (available at Woolworths). Occasionally, I add Banana chips, pepitas and Weetbix.

This mixture is available to my Ratties 24/7. Raw pasta is also offered frequently.


Rats also love a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. This should be offered 2-3 times per week and can include a variety of:


*Banana- ripe NOT green
*Melons- watermelon, Honeydew, Rockmelon



*Corn- not dried corn as it often contains fungal contaminates.
*Snow Peas
*Green Beans
*Bok Choy
*Lettuce- has no real nutritional content, can cause loose stools.


Please do NOT feed your rat the following foods as they may cause illness and can even cause death to you little friend.
*Brussel Sprouts
*Raw Sweet Potato
*Green Potato skins or eyes
*Raw Dried Beans
*Dried Corn
*Peanuts and Peanut Butter- these are choking hazards!

*Avocado- the pit, rind and leaves contain toxins. The fruit can be fed as provided it is ripe and not taken from around the pit. However, I do not risk it.

*Orange and Orange Juice- this is FORBIDDEN for male rats!! D-limonene is contained in the oil of orange peel which gets into orange juice during the squeezing process. D-Limonene may cause cancer in and damage to the kidneys due to an interaction with a protein that the kidneys produce. The fruit of the orange is okay provided the oil from the peel is washed thoroughly after peeling- as explained by Debbie 'The Rat Lady' Ducommun. However, I do not feed my rats orange as it is too greater risk.


Ensure yours rats have fresh water at all times. Water bowls are not ideal as food and litter are easily kicked in. The best water dispenser is a gravity bottle available from ALL pet stores. The more rats you have in the cage, the bigger the dispenser required. Water dispensers should be cleaned thoroughly weekly to prevent algae and bacterial build up. There is a water additive available for this, available from some pet suppliers and it can be helpful as the bottles can be hard to clean. It is also a good idea to replace water dispensers at least once every 12 months for hygiene reasons. 
Gravity Water Bottle