Dazzle Rats Rattery

Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are some FAQ and answers. I hope you find them helpful.

Q: How much can I expect to pay to adopt a pet rat?

Dazzle Rats Rattery is a hobby breeder. We do not breed or sell for profit. Our adoption fee is put straight back into the Rattery for food, medications, cage maintenance etc. Dazzle Rats Rattery's adoption fee is set in line with national averages.The cost of Adoption is $25 per rat. This fee is regardless of colour and markings.

Q: Should I adopt males or females?

Both sexes make great pets! Female rats are very active. They don't sit still for very long. They are smaller in size compared to the boys, and their coat is usually softer. Male rats are generally lazier, so they are happy just to sit on your lap and have a cuddle. Male rats do however, tend to spot mark. This is a small drop of urine they use to scent their tracks and claim territory.

Q: Do rats smell?

Every animal has a scent. However, the odour emitted from your cage depends on how often you clean it. Urine soaked bedding or newspaper can become quite offensive. It is recommended to use bedding that is machine washable and newspaper should be changed every second day. Adequate airflow is also essential. This should minimise odours.  
NB: The use of glass tanks as cages is not recommended. Ammonia builds up quickly and airflow is insufficient resulting in offensive odours. This is not a healthy environment for you ratties.

Q: Is it true that rats often bite?

Every pet has the ability to bite, however, Rats do not generally bite 'just because'. Rats actually have very poor eyesight and can often mistaken your finger for food.Once they quickly realise that you are not the indended meal they let go. Rats may also bite out of fear and or if you hurt them. To minimise the chance of being biten, DO NOT feed your rats through the cage. Always make sure you open the cage door.

Q: I live interstate, can rats be sent by freight?

At this stage, Dazzle Rats Rattery does not have freight available. This is however, something that will be looked into in the future. If you are wanting to adopt a pet rattie, let me assure you there are numerous reputable Ratteries in every State, most are listed with the Google Search Engine.

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