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Rattie Cages...

First and Foremost, let me start by saying that rats are very social critters, and live much happier with a cage mate of the same sex- This includes male rats despite the misconceived idea that male rats should be kept apart.

Although you may intend on being your rats best friend, nothing can replace interaction with your own species. There are going to me times, more often than not, where you are not with your rat. It is during these times, when your rattie is alone that he/she will become bored and even depressed. This can actually lead your rat to self harm for stimulation!!

Rats play with other rats. They eat, sleep, communicate, share, love and live with other rats! A lonely rats is not a happy, healthy rat!!

Rats are active creatures who require ample room to move around. Before you adopt your new friends, you are going to require a cage to house them in. There is an overwhelming variety of cages available. Finding the perfect cage for your rats is something which requires consideration to these key aspects: 1)    How many rats are you wanting to adopt?  If you are considering just one rat, may I suggest you purchase a cage suitable for two. This way if you wish to adopt another rattie at a later stage, you are not required to purchase a larger cage. There is no such thing as too much room for a rattie to move!

2)   How much are you prepared to spend? Cage prices can retail into the $100’s or start at as little as $60. Hunt around, prices will vary from store to store. Another useful place to search is Ebay or Gumtree, and you can find a real bargain!

3)   Will you house your rats inside or outside? Take measurements to ensure the cage you are about to purchase is going to fit in its desired location. This will prevent you needing to rearrange the whole house just to end up with your ratties outside on the verandah!  

Now that you have your cage measurements and desirable location to put it, you are ready to find a cage for your new rattie pals.

Wire Cages...

  Wire cages are available from almost every pet store. They all vary in size, price and quality. A great quality wire cage is made by “PET ONE”. It is fitted with a deep plastic tray as the base and is designed for easy cleaning and practicality. This type of rat cage will house 2 adult rats comfortably allowing plenty of room as well as an adequate airflow. The Stand is generally purchased separately and colours are varied.
'PetOne' Small Animal Cage
If you are wanting to house numerous pet rats, there are much larger cages available on the market, however these can be rather pricey. Again, search Ebay or Gumtree.
A cage large enough to house ferrets is a good size indicator when wanting to keep numerous same sex ratties altogether. The PERFECT cage for ratties in numbers is the “Ferret Kingdom”. Used by many Ratteries, this is a huge two storey cage with sub-levels (platforms) on each level. The doors open completely on both the upper and lower levels making for easy cleaning and access. Each level has a plastic pull out tray. The upper tray has the corner cut out for rat access upstairs and downstairs. This cage is only available for purchase from www.puppypower.com.au on Ebay. 



If you are interested in the FANTASTIC Ferret Kingdom, head along to Puppypower by clicking the link above for more information. Should you decided to purchase this wonderful cage for your ratties, all you have to do is mention the Dazzle Rats Rattery website to be entitled to purchase the Ferret Kingdom direct for the discounted price of just $290 + delivery!!

DIY Cages...

Do you have an old laminated cupboard in the shed? Why not turn it into a GROTTO?! A DIY cage, known as the GROTTO (invented by The Dapper Rat) , is another style cage that allows you to customize your ratties living quarters. The design is entirely up to you, and is a cost effective way to house your rats as well as a great way to recycle that old cupboard. There are a few things to remember when constructing your GROTTO: Make sure all the edges are smooth and have no protruding sharp bits. Also, is the laminate intact? Urine is easily absorbed into chipboard, this will leave your special cage smelly and inhibit bacteria and ammonia. You ca cover any holes in the laminate with contact paper. Make sure that your GROTTO has sufficient airflow and can be securely closed.   
the Grotto II- Anne Harper

NB: Glass Tanks...

Glass tanks, or aquariums, are not suitable to house fancy pet rats. Not only do they have little or no airflow, they also inhibit bacteria due to the build up of ammonia from the rat’s urine. This also emits a foul odour. They are heavy and awkward to maneuver and are also difficult to clean. Nor do they provide adequate living space. Aquariums are best for only keeping fish and other aquatic animals.


I only use Breeder's Choice cat litter, which can be purchased at Supermarkets and pet stores. It absorbs both odour and urine and is easy to clean. I certainly DO NOT use ANY wood based bedding, as used in pet stores. Wood shaveings such as cedar or pine cause serious respiratory diseases in rats and should therefore be avoided completely.
Breeders Choice Packaging
Breeders choice substrate
Shredded newspaper also makes great bedding for your ratties. They will love throwing it around and arranging it to suit their needs. It can be messy, and needs to be changed often to eliminate dours, but it is cost effective and is always in supply. NB: Ensure any staples have been removed to avoid injury to your rats.
Shredded Newspaper
Polar Fleece is another great bedding material. It is warm and cozy, machine washable and does not fray so there are no nasty threads to entangle your ratties toes which may lead to injury including amputation.
Polar Fleece Fabric