Dazzle Rats Rattery

Dazzle Rats Breeding Ethics and Standards...

A rat’s life span is primarily between 2 – 3½ years, although I have heard of a rat that lived for 5!!  Given this short time, my Females (known as Does) will be entered into my breeding program between 4-6 months of age following temperament and health evaluation. They will then be retired from the program at 12 months of age even if only one litter has been produced.

My males (known as Bucks) will not be used for breeding until they reach maturity at 4-6 months of age and their temperament and health evaluated. Although it is possible to breed bucks earlier, their behavior may change once maturity is reached due to an increase in testosterone. This increase in hormone may then lead to increased dominance over cage mates, a trait both undesirable and hereditary and may be present in offspring once they themselves have matured.

 Any rat displaying unsociable and undesirable behavior will not be entered into my breeding program. These rats will be strictly pets only and live a life of leisure and lazy days.

 All my ratties are socialized with other rats once old enough and have constant human contact from 24 hours of age. My rats are also familiar with children and have been exposed to the presence of cats and dogs.

NB: Never leave your rats with children or other animals unsupervised. This can have a devastating outcome.

It is because of the breeding age restrictions that litters will be limited, and babies will not always be available on demand. 

To better the health, temperament and longevity of Fancy Rats are the foundations of Dazzle Rats Rattery breeding program.

Once this has been established, I will turn my attention to conformation such as colour and markings.