Dazzle Rats Rattery

Adoption Information...

Thankyou for your interest in adopting from Dazzle Rats.

NB: Dazzle Rats will NOT be sold as Feeders, Feeder Breeders or to be used for mass breeding. If you wish to participate in the above activities, PLEASE purchase your rats ELSEWHERE.
Dazzle Rats will not be sold to any persons under 18 years without parent/gaurdian permission

All ratties are sold in same sex pairs- unless you own rats already and they are kept as separate sexes. Familiar, reputable breeders excluded.

This is to eliminate accidental breeding and to ensure the social wellbeing of your rat(s) are met- see Rattie Cages for more information regarding the importance of social interaction between rats.

Adoption costs $25 per rat, regardless of colour or marking. This is the standard price amongst established and reputable Victorian and Interstate breeders. This price index prevents impulse purchases and reckless breeding. 

I take great pride in my Rattery and the rats that I breed. As an honest and responsible breeder, I’m required to make informed decisions as to who adopts my precious rats.

Before you consider adoption, ensure you have done as much research as possible. Ensure you know EXACTLY what your rat(s) are going to require from you.

Please be familiar with the Adoption Guidelines. These guidelines outline the expectations that Dazzle Rats has when placing rats into new families. 
NB: Photos will be added once the pups reach 3-4 weeks of age, sometimes sooner. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve pups from any given litter. This deposit secures the pup of your choice. 

* As there may be pending adoptions ahead of you, It is possible that not all adoptions will be  finalised. You will, however, have the opportunity to adopt from another upcoming litter should you wish to be placed on the waiting list.